Pricelist Barry Power Dental

(including x-rays) from €30
Child exam from €20

Dental Hygiene Visit
Scale and Polish (private) €60
Scale and polish (PRSI- 1st visit per calendar year) €15
Scale and polish (PRSI - 2nd visit) €40
Scale and polish (Medical card) €40
Advanced Gum Treatment (per visit) from €60

Silver (amalgam) €80
White (composite) €80

Adult from €80
Child from €60

Root Canal Treatment
Single rooted tooth from €250
Multi rooted tooth from €450

Crowns from €650
Porcelain Veneers from €600
Bridges from €900

Complete Acrylic Dentures (Upper and Lower) from €650
Partial Acrylic Dentures (Upper or Lower) from €350
Cobalt-Chrome Dentures (Metal) from €850

Orthodontic Treatment from €600

Teeth Whitening Kit from €320

Top up Bleach €35

Please Call 051 874778 or 089 4812182 to book a consultation or alternatively you can email us at:

Orthodontic Treatment from €600

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